1st recipe 

Indian Pilaf with Lamb - selected by Andrew Le Marchant (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

2nd recipe

Stuffed Cucumbers Bayaldiselected by Maryanne Fisher (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

3rd recipe

Salsa Agresto with Penne, Asparagus & Butter Beans - selected by Maryanne Fisher (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

4th recipe

Smoked Trout & Goat's Cheese Risotto - selected by Leanne Harris (NSW, Aus)(cooked)

5th recipe

Quick Meatball Minestrone - selected by Paul  (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

6th recipe

Aromatic Roast Chicken Breast - selected by Tyson (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

7th recipe

Smoked Salmon Thai Rolls - selected by James Rejon (NSW, Australia) (cooked)


All In One Chocolate Fudge Cakes - selected by   (cooked)

Last week's recipes

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad - selected by Alejandra Sierra (NSW, Australia)

Balsalmic Chicken & Pumpkin Salad selected by Maryanne Fisher (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

Mini Ham Tortilla Wedges - selected by Isabella  Sepulveda (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

Button Mushroom Soup - selected by Delene Tabone (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

Chicken Curry with Apricots - selected by Penny Fourfouris (NSW, Australia) (cooked)

Cranberry Cheese Cake - selected by Maryanne Fisher (cooked)

Butterscoth Brownies (baked)

Green & Yellow split pea salad with wholegrain mustard dressing (cooked)

Bubble & Squeak (cooked)

Risoni with cherry tomatoes, squash and spinach (cooked)

Spiced Roast Chicken with Corn Seasoning - selected by Sharon Reighard - ALABAMA USA (cooked 8.09.16)

Easy Seafood Paella (cooked) 

Ribeye STeak with Aubergine Puree - selected by Angela Smith TEXAS USA (cooked)

Curried Lamb Burgers - selected by Rachel Griffiths- WALLSALL UK (cooked)

Oysters Florentine - selected by Angela Smith TEXAS USA (cooked 20th Aug)  

Light and Fluffy Jam Doughnuts - selected by Karen Gowling UK (cooked)

Cheesy Macaroni - selected by Isabella Sepulveda - NSW AUST. (cooked 17th Aug)

Mixed Mushroon Ragout with Soft Polenta - selected by Mariela Walsh QLD AUST. (cooked 23th Aug)

Lamb with Cranberry Cream - selected by Samantha Pearce NSW AUST. (cooked 27th Aug)

Tea Smoked Duck with Green Tea Soba - selected by Jessica Singh NSW AUST.(cooked)

Potato Salad with Capsicum & Olives - selected by Isabella Sepulveda NSW AUST. (cooked 13th Aug)

Banana Split (cupcakes) - selected by Samantha Pearce NSW AUST. (cooked 20th Aug)