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Sometimes you wonder whether it is just easier to buy them from the store. Not this time! These sausage rolls had so much taste and so much bigger, full of flavour. It could pass for a full meal!

COOKBOOK: Simply Too Good To Be True 2 - Annette Sym

Do you have mince in the freezer!? Homemade sausage rolls are the best! Made in no time and it will cost you half the price of packaged rolls. Check out the size of these rolls!! Served with a salad and you have a full meal!

RECIPE: very easy to follow. Well written, easy to follow. The only thing I would correct is the time they should be left in a hot oven. Keep them in for 25 -30 minutes to get that beautiful golden colour.

I think a beginner wanting to expand to something a little more challenging, this one is for you. The challenge is with the pastry. You need to work fast. If you let it dry up, you will not be able to roll up without it cracking. Have it out of the freezer for a short time and check up on it every few minutes as it doesn't take long to defrost.

Simple and delicious! Serve with a bowl of tomato sauce (ketchup) for dipping and you'll have a room full of very content individuals! 👌🏻👌🏻


Let sausage rolls stand before you cut them in serve sizes


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