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COOKBOOK: Cookbook - Matt Preston

There was no WOW factor in this salad, sorry Matt. With or without the radishes it lost flavour. The dressing, a blend of chilli, palm sugar, fish sauce and oil, really didn't bring out anything special. He writes his recipes beautifully and you think that you're in for an amazing dish but that's not the case. Could it be because I substituted the radishes with beetroot? Could it be because I used parsley over coriander? Could it be because I used light lettuce leaves and not basil leaves? Maybe!

RECIPE: I will give the marinade for the chicken 10 out of 10. The BBQ'd thighs were out of this world! The salad just didn't have that punch that other salads have.

Disappointing I guess. Everyone loved it but personally I wouldn't bother with this recipe again. In saying that, if you have some chicken pieces laying around, do marinade as per this recipe. I could have just served the BBQ chicken on its own and I would have rated it highly.


Recipe below
The chicken was sensational!

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