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I’m cooking a lamb dish and the first thing that comes to mind is My Big Fat Greek Wedding….”what do you mean he don’t eat meat!?….that’s ok! I make lamb!”

There has to be a little bit of Greek in me because I love lamb!

This was a super simple meal that looks elegant on the plate. The rice moulds give it a little touch of sophistication……but ladies & gentleman, it’s just rice!

Next time you pay a hefty fee for a meal which has a mould of rice on it, they are likely serving you less rice and charging you a fortune because ‘it looks good on the plate’…and that’s the truth! We’re all sucked into presentation unfortunately! And restaurants owners are loving it because they are serving you less and less.


LAMB; The recipe says to grill. I baked mine as I had limited time to make it. I did grill it in the oven for a few minutes just before it was cooked. Lamb chops cooks quickly!

I did fry up the onions and then added them over the lamb. I can’t eat raw onions.

SAUCE: The combination of sour cream, cranberry sauce & mustard was delicious! Such an unusual combination and it complimented the lamb beautifully.

Definitely for a beginner cook! Easy to make and made in no time at all!


Serves 4

2 cloves of garlic - crushed or chopped

4 x 200g trim lamb steaks

1 tablespoon cranberry sauce

1 teaspoon fresh chives - chopped

2 teaspoon mustard - dijon

4 cups cooked Basmati rice

2 bunches asparagus - steamed /microwaved

1 small red onion - finely chopped

  1. preheat the grill

  2. rub garlic over lamb, place on hot grill for approx 4mins each side or until desired doneness.

  3. combine sour cream, cranberry sauce, chives and mustard in a bowl.

  4. serve steaks hot, topped with cranberry cream, accompanied by a mound of rice, asparagus and sprinkled with chopped onions.

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