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BUBBLE & SQUEAK (vegetable pie)

COOKBOOK: Microwave - Stack Cooking for families (Tupperware) *Virginia Hill*

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This recipe represents a delicious vegetable pie. It originated in the UK and it’s a traditional English meal.

The name ‘Bubble & Squeak’ came from the sounds made from the vegetables during the cooking process but method of cooking have dramatically changed since it was first introduced in the 1800’s. To date, it remains a favourite dish in the UK. You can also add meats (bacon, ham, etc) to give it variety.

I have always said that to eat a healthy meal you need the time to prepare it. Vegetables are always time-consuming ingredients in a recipe. The more vegetables, the more time taken to prepare. This dish was originally made from leftover vegies. There is never any leftovers at my place but if you’re fortunate, it will cut out a lot of prep time.

An absolutely delicious meal! I couldn’t get enough of it.

COOKBOOK: This is a very old cookbook published in 1992 by Tupperware. Virginia Hill is reknown for her microwave cooking which she began back in 1977 and I was happy to see that there is someone out there who enjoys this method of cooking as I certainly do not and nor do I encourage it.

This was a meal on its own. You can add bacon pieces (chopped and fried) or hams (chopped) but I enjoyed this vegetable medley as it is.

One for all vegetarians to try!


Serves 4

200g cooked potatoes , mashed

50g onion , diced

4 tablespoons of dried herbs

200g mixed vegetables

200g pumpkin, mashed

2 tablespoon of breadcrumbs

chopped parsley

MICROWAVE VERSION (as per the cookbook)

Spread potato evenly over the base of the dish (1litre dish)

Roughly chop the vegetables and combine with onion and herbs. Spread vegetables over potato layer.

Spread pumpkin evenly over vegetable mix.

Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and microwave for 25-30mins.

Let stand for 5mins

Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley

OVEN VERSION (my own and very successful)

Spread potato mash evenly in a greased dish (1 litre dish)

Fry all the vegetables until they are soft (see video)

Add the dry herbs

Spread vegetable mix over potato layer.

Spread pumpkin mash over the vegetable mix

Sprinkle breadcrumbs

In a moderate oven for 15-20mins

Let stand for 5 mins before serving

Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley


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