COOKBOOK: Super Food Ideas - April 2007

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How delicious were these little cuties!

A great idea to make days before Easter and keep in an airtight container, they’ll last for weeks.

Yvette made these for me and thoroughly enjoyed it particularly the icing on the bunnies. If the icing is a little dry, add some water to thin.

Loved the combination of the ginger powder and the cinnamon. If you dont have a bunny cutter you can cut out any other shape.

The kids love cutting out the shape so if you can prepare the dough they can do the rest

Eat it or Starve!?? There will be lots of eating at Easter time and no starving!



125g butter, softened

1/2 cup caster sugar

1 egg yolk

2 1/2 tablespoons golden syrup

2 cups plain flour

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

3 teaspoons of ground ginger

1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 cup icing sugar, sifted

1/2 cup lemon juice

Pre heat oven 180C. Grease 2 baking trays and lay greaseproof paper paper.

Using an electric mixer, cream butter and caster sugar until pale and creamy. Add egg yolk and golden syrup. Beat to combine. Sift flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger & cinnamon together over butter mixture. Stir or process to form a stiff dough.

Press dough down to a 10cm round. Roll our between two sheets of paper until it is 5mm thick. Using an 8cm rabbit shaped biscuit cutter, cut 16 biscuits from dough. Place on prepared tray. Using a skewer stick , poke dots in the dough to decorate.

Bake for 15mins or until golden and firm. Cool.

Mix icing sugar and lemon in a bowl. Spoon into a small snap lock plastic bag. Squeeze out air and seal. Using scissors, snip one corner from bag and pipe icing on biscuits. If it is too thick thin it out adding a little bit or water to mix.

Biscuits will store in airtight container 4 days in advance.

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