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I told you I cook anything that appears in my recipe selection even if it’s just your ordinary sandwich!

I loved this one for a number of reasons, I cheated & bought a cooked roast beef. (They sell them in Woolies, next to the cooked chickens, near the deli section at an affordable price). This ‘recipe’ was now looking easier and easier for me! Mix the salad with the dressing in a bowl just before adding it in the roll, this will absorb all the flavours.

Easy lunch to serve.

Eat it or starve!??…….How could you starve!



170g corned beef (cooked rump roast), sliced

60g sliced mozzarella cheese

4 lettuce leaves , shredded or sliced

4 tomatoes, sliced

1 cucumber , sliced

4 frankfurt rolls, split


4 tablespoons of italian dressing

Spread mayo in rolls. In a bowl add sliced tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce and mix with italian dressing.

Add salad mix to roll, add the cheese and the beef.

Ready to serve.

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