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COOKBOOK: Home Food (all your favourites with a twist)


This one was a simple dish. I almost feel that vietnamese food lacks something in the herb department. The vietnamese love their coriander and this is the only herb I didn't add as it makes me violently ill. Maybe with coriander it would have had a completely different taste.

It tasted like it lacked something although the family loved it. For me it was very plain, nice enough but plain.

I hope I haven’t turned you off, if you like simple and fuss free meal this is definitely a recipe for you to try.




3 chicken thighs, cooked

2 tablespoons of lime (juice of one lime)

2 tablespoons of fish sauce

1 tablespoon of sugar

2 red chilli , finely chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed or chopped

2 shallots , chopped

2 handfuls of bean sprouts

large handful of chinese cabbage, thinly shredded

Shred the chicken. I cooked my chicken with a little oil in the oven for 40mins.

Heat a little oil in a pan and fry lightly the garlic, chilli, add the shallots, fish sauce and sugar. Add the cabbage and bean sprouts. Fry for a further minute.

Add the chicken and mix well.

Ready to serve.

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