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Count to 10 and it’s ready!

All you need is loaf of bread (ciabatta is perfect for this), some rocket, a red onion and cheese (any cheese will do although goat’s cheese was delicious!) and you have yourself a great starter, hordourve or just a nice simple lunch on a hot summer’s day.

I made this before my Paella dish and it was just enough to keep us all content until dinner. Just perfect!




1 loaf ciabatta

1/4 cup olive oil

1 red onion, thinly sliced

1 garlic, chopped (optional)

300g goat’s cheese

100g cream cheese

50g rocket leaves

Cut bread into half inch thick slices.

Heat olive oil in frying pan. Add red onion and fry until soft. Add garlic if you wish to (I was unable to as I was making it for my friend who is allergic to garlic)

Turn the heat off and add the rocket. Mix well so the rocket has combined with the red onion and lightly covered in olive oil.

Place the slices of bread face up under the grill and toast lightly.

Remove from grill and spread cream cheese on each slice. Grate some goat’s cheese on each of the slices. Top with rocket and and more grated goat’s cheese. Ready to serve.

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