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An omelette is not hard to make and I hope this video gives you a better idea how to make one & motivates you to try it.

The combination in the filling was perfect!

As Mat said ‘best omelette he’s ever had!’.

There is really nothing to it and you can change any of the filling to accommodate your taste.

Allow the egg to set for a few seconds and begin adding the filling to one side of the egg. Flipping over is not that hard either. As you can see the egg has set, you can flip it with a spatula or as in the video with a little hand assistance.

You know what they say, practice makes perfect!




4 or 6 eggs ( I prefer to use 3 eggs for each omelette if your frying pan is on the larger size)

4 tablespoons of milk

1 tablespoon of fresh dill

Salt and pepper

1 tablespoon of butter

30g baby spinach leaves

100g smoked salmon

1/4 cup grated tasty cheese

100g cherry tomatoes, sliced

1 ripe avocado, sliced

Whisk 2 (or 3) eggs together with 2 tablespoons of milk and salt & pepper for taste.

Place butter in frying pan and melt. Add the egg mixture evenly in the pan to cover the full surface.

Let it set for a few seconds and place half of the smoked salmon, avocado, tomatoes, cheese and spinach on to one side. Carefully fold the other side of omelette over the filling. You can press down slightly on the omelette. Carefully remove from pan onto a plate to serve.

Repeat with remaining ingredients to make the second omelette.

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