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Did you know that turkey is low-GI and can keep insulin levels stable? It also contains the amino acid tryptophan which its main role is to strengthen the immune system.

I know it can be an expensive meat to buy in Australia but here are some reasons why you should splurge some times.

Like all croquettes, they can be a little on the messy side to make but I love how they control your food intake (well that’s if you don’t go for seconds, thirds or more!)

These must be eaten with the cranberry/orange sauce, I tried it without it and they were no where near as nice.





60g butter

1/4 cup of flour

1 1/4 cup milk


450g cooked turkey, minced

150g mushrooms, minced

1/4 cup grated tasty cheese

1/4 cup of fresh or dried parsley

1/4 teaspoon of allspice

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

salt & pepper

3 eggs , lightly beaten

3 cups of breadcrumbs

oil for deep frying


275g jar cranberry sauce

1 large orange, juice only

Melt butter in pan over medium heat. Add flour Cook, stirring for a minute. Add milk gradually and keep stirring constantly until smooth. Bring to boil and remove from heat.

In a deep bowl add turkey, mushrooms, cheese and spices and herbs. Mix well. Add the white sauce and combine well.

Whisk eggs in one bowl. Place breadcrumbs in another bowl. Roll a tablespoon of turkey mixture, dip in egg and crumb. Place on tray and refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for 20mins.

Combine cranberry sauce and orange juice.

Heat oil in deep pan (to check if oil is hot enough, drop a small piece of bread in the oil and if it starts to sizzle the oil is ready)

Cook croquettes for 2 mins. Drain on paper towel.

Serve on a bed of lettuce with sauce.

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