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COOKBOOK: Woman’s Day recipe

Such an easy dish to make!A great way to serve up your vegetables with fish.

I’m not a huge fan of fennel and yet I loved it. It gave just enough flavour to the dish and the broth was just delicious.


Serves 4

450g baby potatoes, rinsed and chopped in half

3 zucchini, peeled and sliced

1 fennel, sliced

1 handful of parsley, chopped finely

Thyme (fresh, chopped finely or dry)

20g of butter (1-2 tablespoons)

500g of white fish fillet (eg ling fillets)

salt and pepper

1 cup vegetable stock (or fish stock)

1/2 cup white wine

2 tomatoes , wedged

Cut large portions of the fillets in half. Set fish aside.

Pre-heat the oven 180C

Place the potatoes, zucchini and fennel in a deep casserole dish. Add salt, pepper, thyme and parsley. Add the stock and white wine. Mix well. Add the butter in two opposite sections in the dish. Bake in moderate oven for approx 25mins. Remove from oven.

Add tomatoes over the vegetables and place the fish fillets over the tomatoes. Bake in moderate oven approx 15mins or until fish is cooked through and just flaking. Serve vegetables on plate, place fish over vegetables and add some of the pan juices.

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