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COOKBOOK: Mag Recipe - Australia Women’s Weekly - Nov 14

I have discovered haloumi! Delicious! It can get a little chewy if overcooked, a min or less on each side if plenty!

Talk about a great healthy wrap, haloumi with eggplant, carrots and herbs. We had these on a warm night a few days ago and it was the perfect light dinner for us all.


Serves 4

2 medium carrots, grated coarsely

2 medium eggplants, thinly sliced (approx 1cm thickness)

salt and pepper

2 red onions, sliced thinly

300g haloumi cheese, sliced approx 1cm thickness

half a handful of mint leaves, chopped

one handful of parsley, chopped

1 lemon (juice)

olive oil for frying

4 bread wraps of your choice

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

4 handfuls of spinach/lettuce of your choice

Place the eggplant slices on a flat board and add excessive salt to the top of each slice. The salt extracts the bitter juices from the eggplant. Leave to stand for 10mins.

Take kitchen paper towels and pat each of the pieces. You will see it will absorb all the juices which have formed on each of the eggplant pieces. This will also remove most of the salt.

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and fry the onion until golden in colour. Add the herbs, blend well. Set aside.

Add 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil in the frying pan and fry the eggplant until golden on each side, approx 1-2mins on each side. Splash each with some lemon juice. Remove from pan.

Add a further 2 tablespoons of olive oil, heat and fry the haloumi cheese slices, approx 1min on each side. Add salt and pepper. Remove and set aside.

Spread mayonnaise on each wrap. Add equally the onion, grated carrots, eggplant and haloumi. Its ready to serve.

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