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There is nothing better than fresh pasta! Nothing!

I always make an extra batch that I can dry overnight and store away for another day.

The plain fettuccine along with some spinach fettuccine is so delicious, it really doesn’t need a strong heavy sauce.

In my next recipe you will find a light white mushroom sauce that complimented it just perfectly.



Serves 6-8


500g plain flour

5 medium eggs


1 kilo of frozen spinach, thawed and well drained

500g plain flour

5 medium eggs

Mix both batches separately.

the spinach requires to be very well drained. There should not be any liquid (rinse with your hands if need be). Add to mixture.

Roll out dough for each. Knead for approx 10mins until smooth. Cut each in half and add through the pasta machine. Start with a high setting and work your way down to a setting of 3.

Add to boiled salted water and cook until al dente. Please note; fresh pasta requires less time. Fresh pasta should also be left to stand for approx 15mins before adding to hot water.

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