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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

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An amazingly easy cake to make with a huge orange sweet flavour presence. The orange syrup most certainly made this cake exceptionally moist and delicious.

I was so surprised to read that oranges are the world’s most popular fruit! They are not only good for their source of vitamin C but also several other minerals and antioxidants and for this reason they may lower your risk of heart disease and kidney stones.

There are so many medical reasons why we should try and eat an orange a day, it’s never too late to start.

This is a great easy cake to make , hope you enjoy


5 large oranges

60g butter

1 cup of caster sugar

2 eggs , slightly beaten

40g (1/3 cup) almond meal

160g (1 cup) wholemeal self raising flour

2 tablespoons of condensed milk

Preheat the oven 160C

Grease a 23cm cake pan. Line the pan with greaseproof paper.

Finely grate the rind from 1 orange. Set this orange aside for juicing

Coarsely grate the rind of another orange . Set this orange aside for juicing.

Cut the above two oranges in half including on extra orange and squeeze out the juice of each half. You will need approx 160ml of orange juice.

Peel the 2 left oranges and remove the membrane between each segment. Cut each segment in half (this will be used to decorate the cake)

Beat the butter with an electric mixer, add fine orange rind lightly beaten egg, almond meal and self raising four, and condensed milk.

Mix until well combined. Pour cake batter in cake pan and bake for 20mins or until set.

In the meantime, in a pot add the sugar and orange juice, and allow the sugar to dissolve on low heat. Bring to boil and simmer, whisking away at all times. Add the grated coarse orange rind. Allow the syrup to slightly thicken (approx 2-3mins). Do not leave unattended. Adjust the heat accordingly if it looks like it will overflow.

Remove cake from oven. Stand for 5minutes. Turn onto wire rack. Using a skewer, pierce cake several times. Place the bite size orange pieces on the cake and brush with syrup. Let it stand for another 10mins and its then ready to serve.

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