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Muffuletta is a popular Italian sandwich with the lot! It originated by the Italians in New Orleans and has been a hit ever since. Its not so popular in Italy funny enough, but took off in the US The name comes from the word for a particular Sicilian bread which was named after a baker back in the early 1900. The layers of meat can vary but the cheese, provolone and mozzarella, should always be included. Delicious, filling and great for one of those cheat days from cooking!


Serves 4

4 x bread rolls

Butter to spread

8 x thin slices of mortadella

8 x thin slices of ham

8 x thin slices of turkey

8 x thin slices of salami

4 x slices of mozzarella cheese

4 x slices of provolone

1 cup of green & black olives

Pre heat oven to 180C

Cut bread in half, lengthways. Butter each side of roll. On the bottom of roll layer mortadella, ham, salami, turkey, cheeses and olives. Cover with the top half of the roll.

Place rolls in the oven for approx 3-5mins or until cheese melts and entire roll is hot.

Remove from oven and press lightly if needed to flatten the rolls. Cut each roll in half and serve immediately

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