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COOKBOOK: The Australian Women’s Weekly - Sweet Old Time Favourites

This is one delicious dessert!

A flummery is a sweet soft dessert pudding that has been popular in England & Ireland for centuries! It has become a popular semi-set dessert which you will now find in many dessert bars.

To look at it you may confuse it to be a cream based dessert cup, but instead it is a soft ,smooth and light mousse that is quite refreshing!

Easy to make, however you will need to allow time to set in the fridge during prep and before serving. (probably 3 hrs)



Makes 6 large cups (180ml each) or 12

medium dessert cups

1 tablespoon of gelatine

1/2 (110g) cup caster sugar

2 tablespoons plain flour

3/4 (180ml) cup water

1 cup fresh orange juice (pulp free)

2/3 (160ml) cup passionfruit pulp (approx 2-3 passionfruit)

1 kiwi fruit, peeled , sliced and cut in half

12 blueberries

Piping bag (optional)

Combine gelatine, sugar and flour in a large saucepan. Gradually stir in the water. Stir over heat. Whisk until it boils. Keep it boiling and allow it to thicken (approx 2-3mins). Keep stirring at all times.

Remove from heat. Transfer to bowl. , stir in orange juice and passionfruit pulp. Mix well and refrigerate until mixture starts to set around the edges of the bowl (approx 1hr).

Remove from fridge and pour it into the mixer bowl. Beat mixture until it is thick and creamy (approx 10mins).

You can pour it by hand into each dessert cup or take the option of piping it in (preferably in the smaller dessert cups).

Cover with glad wrap and refrigerate until set (approx 1-2hrs)

Remove plastic and decorate with a half slice of kiwi fruit and a blueberry.

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