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COOKBOOK: The Green Kitchen

A strawberry soup! Gazpacho means a soup in Spanish, ordinarily made from tomatoes and capsicums. This was different! This version was just oozing in fruit! Let’s add strawberries and watermelon and it will not only taste great but add ice and you have yourself a cool healthy drink that will provide you with many nutrients. Definitely one for the health-conscious!



Serves 4-6

600g fresh strawberries, hulled

600g watermelon chunks , no seeds

1 red capsicum, remove membrane and chopped

3 spring onion (shallots) , sliced

15mint leaves (and a few small leaves for deco)

Lemon juice of a small lemon

1 celery stick, sliced and diced

4 drops of tabasco sauce (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Puree until it has a soup like consistency (smooth)

Place some ice cubes in a glass, serve.

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