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COOKBOOK: Coles Magazine - October 2018

Nothing beats a homemade pizza! I'm referring to making your own pizza base. You don’t necessarily need a pizza oven, this can be achieved in your own kitchen oven.

Simple ingredients and it was just delicious! Yes you can change the ingredients but it was most certainly a delicious pizza topping to serve the family.


Serves 4 (2 pizzas) 30cm each


3/4 cup of hot water (but not boiling)

2 teaspoons of insta yeast

1 tablespoon of sugar

2 cups of plain flour

1 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon olive oil


6 tablespoons of pizza tomato sauce or a pasta tomato sauce

1 brown onion , sliced thinly

2 medium tomatoes, sliced thinly

1 small red capsicum, sliced thinly

300g bocconcini, drained

2 handfuls of basil, chopped

Add water in a bowl. Add yeast and sugar, allow it to stand for a few mins then whisk. Set aside and let it stand for 10mins.

Place flour and salt in a mixer or this can be done by hand. Add olive oil. Mix well until it forms a dough. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead for approx 5-10mins. Place in a greased bowl and cover with cling plastic and tea towels. Allow it to stand in a warm spot for approx 30mins.

Remove it from the bowl , knead again for a few minutes and cut into two equal portions.

I like to line my pizza base with foil and greaseproof paper over it.

Place one of the halves of dough and stretch it out with your fingers or knuckles to form the base and cover all the area of the pizza tray.

Pour the tomato sauce over the base and spread evenly. Spread half of the onions, tomatoes, capsicums and basil. Place half of the bocconcini evenly over the base.

Pre-heat the oven at 200C

Repeat the same as above for the second pizza.

Place the pizzas in the oven and cook for approx 10-15mins. Ready to serve.

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