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COOKBOOK: Manual De Cocina (Uruguayan Cookbook)

I love omelettes so much that I’d be happy to have this as a breakfast as well as for lunch. You can substitute the vegetables for fresh veggies which have been fried, baked or boiled, or just left overs from the night before.

Any filling in an omelette is great! I had two fussy eaters for that day so not all my omelettes had cheese, but it certainly makes a huge difference!

Flipping an omelette takes a little practice but once you perfect it, it’s very easy to do. It’s all in the timing and the quick movement.

Once you get it, you’ll never forget.


Serves 4

8 eggs, 2 in each bowl, whisked

1/2 onion, sliced thinly (optional)

600g of mixed frozen vegetables , thawed


150g grated cheese (optional)

Salt & Pepper (optional)

Toss the onion (optional) in a non stick frying pan. Add the thawed vegetables and fry for approximately 5 mins or until vegetables are heated through. Set aside in a bowl.

Melt some butter on the base of the frying pan, heat should be on medium. Add the (2) eggs to frying pan and twirl around to cover the full base. Take 2 large spoonfuls of vegetable mixture and place lengthways in the centre of the omelette. Add grated cheese.

When egg is just set…..

Method 1: fold one side of omelette over the vegetables , then fold the omelette over again. move the omelette to the centre of the pan. Allow it to set for a few seconds over the heat and carefully slide it off on to a plate, or you can slide two spatulas underneath the omelette , lift off the pan and onto a plate.

Method 2: fold one side of the omelette over the vegetables, then fold the other side over again (almost over lapping). Using spatulas, carefully slide them under the omelette on either side and carefully flip over. Allow it to set over the heat for a few seconds and remove from pan.

Repeat with other eggs

Ready to be served.

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