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Here's a salad that will fill you up nicely! I couldn't get turkey steak so I opted for legs. This proved to have been a great idea! I cooked legs in the oven for 1 hour and then removed all the meat. Unfortunately, Jet (my doberman) cannot be given the bones so I hid them from him as quickly as I could. The meat was tender and what a flavour! I marinated the legs for 30mins only in brown sugar and maple syrup. You will need to turn the legs at half time. The only disappointment was having to spend time PLUCKING the legs! INGHAMS this area needs improving! Some legs had so many feathers I wondered if they had attempted to pluck them at all! I was once told by a Canadian chef, Michael, that any poultry that was seen to have a feather is automatically thrown in the reject bucket. In Canada this is never sold to the public due to health requirements. Only in Australia has he seen poultry sold with feathers still sticking out from the skin.

RECIPE: follow this recipe as it's written. Super easy and absolutely delicious! Cook the sweet potato as per recipe instructions. Leave potato in oven for a good 30-40mins, turning them once.

Present this salad in the centre of the table with some tongs and let your guests help themselves. They will go for seconds!

Watch my video for further instructions.

Woman's Day magazine this was another successful recipe


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