About me

I want to share with you my crazy 'hobby' which I began back in 1989.

1989 was the year my 1st child was born. This was also the time when I came to terms with needing to gain some cooking experience. I had recently got married and we were living off microwavable frozen foods bought from the local supermarket. This was not only an expensive way to feed ourselves but also totally unhealthy. My mother is a fantastic cook! I got married early in life and I didnt get the opportunity to experient cooking at home. Mum always had our meals ready served on a plate for us!

I recall mum giving me a huge box full of recipes cut out from magazines and told me to get in the kitchen, follow the recipe and cook it. Money was tight so to improve out eating habit I knew I had to do this. I dug in the box and pulled out a recipe to make.


Lo & behold my first recipe was a dessert! I cant think of anything harder to start with but I persisted and made a delicious GERMAN APPLE CAKE which my husband loved! The reaction on Paul's face and the encouragement from mum gave me the push that I needed to keep trying new recipes and build on my cooking experience.

I began with 2 recipes each week and soon extended to 4. My random selection of recipes was born!

I'm very disciplined. This is not the norm in people! When I set my mind on something, I just do it and this is why in 2019 I'm still cooking a different recipe each time I prepare a meal and I never repeat it. 

30 years later, I would most probably have cooked more meals than some proffessionals! I estimate that I have cooked over 10,000 in my lifetime! I date the recipe, add my comments and it's then filed away. I have come to understand that some recipes are badly written and other have never been tested in the kitchen! And then there is perfection! Recipes that have been thought through and tested. 

Join me in my cooking experience , ask me questions and let's have some fun!