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Let your kids prepare this one! Assist them with the melting of the chocolate & chopping of nuts, let them cut up the marshmallows and prepare the cups with ice-cream. This is a great introduction to a simple but delicious dessert.

COOKBOOK: Better Homes & Gardens - Chocolate

So the only problem with this dessert is the kilos you can pile on after you've eaten it ! You want to whip up something in two minutes!? I have just found you the recipe! There's really no cooking involved. Chop up some pecan nuts (or other nuts) , cut up some marshmallow (watch video to see how to cut marshmallows ), melt some chocolate and buy some ice cream.

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS released a series of hard cover cookbooks back 1984. My beautiful mother passed them on to me when I got married. Many recipes have been chosen from these lovely books of which have been very successful. Another successful recipe right here!

RECIPE: simple, easy to read. You can select milk or rum ( I guess this will depend on who your guests are). I made it with milk. Half a cup of chocolate pieces is equivalent to one bar of cooking chocolate. The trick is to keep stirring the chocolate pieces and butter over the hot plate and lower the heat as it starts to melt. When it's half melted turn the heat off, keep stirring, add the milk , keep stirring , add the marshmallows and fold in mixture. To serve. Set the chocolate mix aside, scoop the ice cream into tall glasses or wide dessert glasses. Top each with chocolate mix. Sprinkle generously with nuts. These desserts are very popular right now and can cost a small fortune. If you're having a dinner party at your place, this one will impress!


Such old cooking books! I don't believe BETTER HOMES & GARDENS publish cookbooks anymore......I have the whole set!

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