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I bought myself a paella gas bbq with a large pan which I think feeds about 10-12 people (approx 50cm)

This was so much fun to make!

In the backyard with the music playing, everyone around the paella dish watching it take shape, made this the most enjoyable weekend!

I was very lucky with measurements and fortunately for me, it almost but didnt overflow!

I will most definitely have to pull out paella recipes to cook up different varieties of this fantastic dish! Paellas are not easy to make and the measurements of ingredients such as the stock , rice and herbs can vary depending on the heat of cooking. Its trial and error but when you get the hang of it, you will be wanting to make this every night!

It was completely out of this world!


SERVES 10-12 people

NOTE: The pan used is 50cm

4 cups of olive oil

4 onions, sliced thinly

3 large capsicums, sliced thinly

salt and pepper

saffron threads or saffron powder

1 packet of arborio rice

4 x chicken stock

4 chorizos, sliced thinly


6 white fish pieces, cut up in bite size

400g mussel meat

3 packets of fresh parsley, chopped

300g Prawns - uncooked and peeled

100g whole uncooked prawns

2 cans of chopped tomatoes

200g frozen peas

500g frozen pippis

Add the olive oil to heat in the pan.

Add the onions and soften, add the capsicums and any juices and stir for a few minutes. Add salt & pepper and stir.

Add rice and stir until all the grains are moist with the pan juices.

Add half of chicken stock and stir. Add saffron. Add chorizos. Add a little more stock if it looks a little dry.

Add tomatoes and sprinkle a little sugar over them, stir.

Flatten in pan and allow it to cook for 5minutes.

Add the rest of the stock.

Add mussels, fish pieces and peeled prawns.

Add parsley and taste-test to see if it needs any more salt & pepper.

Add the whole uncooked prawns and let them cook for a few minutes.

Stir until all the juices have absorbed. Add frozen peas and pippis. Mix. Taste test to be sure that the rice is cooked (approx 12-15mins) . If it requires a little more time, add a little more stock to the pan.

Paella requires some trial and error to get it right….…but dont give up! When you get the hang of it you’ll be wanting to make this dish every night!

Ready to be served.

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