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This was the first time that I attempt to make bagels and although they didn’t look the best, they were delicious. I served them as a snack, with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and they were all gone in minutes.

I wasn’t expecting this to turn out as good as it did. The recipe was so poorly written. The cookbook is based on different restaurants located in Melbourne and their style of cooking. Zeb Forman gives a very detailed description of how to make these bagels however the ingredients are all over the place. For example, he refers to 225g of lukewarm water…..yes, grams!

And this is why some cookbooks turn me off!

And this is also why I felt this was going to be a complete flop!

If you’re game and have some spare time, this one is then for you!





3 tablespoons of malt

sesame and/or poppy seeds

filling- such as cream cheese an smocked salmon, lettuce and ham


225ml of lukewarm water

3g instant yeast

7g malt


450g flour (plain)


Combine the yeast in the lukewarm water and mix until the yeast has dissolved. Add the salt and pepper and flour and mix to a dough. You can use an electric mixer or a food processor.

Turn the dough onto a flat bench and knead for about 5mins.

Grease a pan or bowl and add in bowl and wrap in plastic. Allow it to stand in a warm spot for approx 1h or until it rises at double the size.

After the dough has risen , punch it back to a small size. Divide in 6 pieces. roll out. shape the bagel and join at end with a little water. Sprinkle it with sesame seeds and or poppy seeds.

Place onto a greased tray and bake for 20mins or until golden brown.

PS I understand that the bagels can be boiled however, the recipe let me down so badly with ingredient measurements that I lost some faith. I baked them for 20mins and there was no boiling.

They were delicious to eat!

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