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This dish was delicious! A blend between a risotto & Paella, actually more risotto in this case!

Jambalaya is classified as a creole/African dish but has not been proven. The Spaniards also take ownership of this dish due to the resemblance to their national dish, paella.

I found it to be flavoursome and in no time it was cooked.

This version of Ham Jambalaya only has the ham, however many other ways to make this is to add prawns / shrimp and chorizo. Yummm, can’t wait for that recipe to appear in my selection!



Serves 4

3 tablespoons of olive oil

2 large onions, peeled and cubed

2/3 cloves of garlic, chopped

4 cups cooked ham, diced

1 cup uncooked rice

1 cup chicken stock

1/2 cup pasta sauce

1 x 425 can chopped tomatoes

1 tablespoon of thyme


Heat the oil in a deep pot. Fry the garlic lightly, add chopped onions, fry for a min or until just soft.

Add capsicums, fry for a minute. Add rice and mix well until all the rice is moist. Add the stock and stir frequently.

Add chopped ham, tomato pasta sauce and chopped tomatoes. Keep stirring.

Add the thyme and salt and stir now continuously. The liquid will start to absorb. If too dry, add some more stock or water. Do not allow it to get too dry too soon.

It should start to absorb some of the juices approx 3-5 mins before the end of cooking time.

Simmer for approx 15mins but check the package instructions.

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