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I was sceptical in making this recipe. 'Creamy ice-cream' sounds like a poor excuse for a 'flop-result' in an attempt to make ice-cream......but I was wrong!

This was a delicious and it set beautifully! The only change i’d make is add more strawberries than what is specified on the recipe. More strawberries will give it more colour.

I had such lack of confidence with this recipe that I went out and bought a bucket of ice-cream to combine if I felt the need to.

It turned out that the extra scoop of ice-cream (different flavour of course) was a great addition to my home made ice-cream!

There was 10 of us and I had plenty to go around…..

Eat it Or Starve?? A definite YES to eat it!



6 eggs

1 cup caster sugar

2 cups thickened cream, whipped

1/2 cup of extra sugar

2 x 250g punnet of fresh strawberries, pureed

strawberries to serve

Bet eggs and caster sugar for 10-15mins or until it thickens.

Whip cream with extra sugar until thickened.

Fold through the cream and add strawberry puree.

Transfer to a container. Cover with plastic wrap. Freeze until mixture is firm.Soften for 15mins in refrigerator. Serve with sliced Strawberries ( option - a wafer biscuit)

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