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Chops & noodles! I dont know about you but this is certainly a favourite of mine!

But Im going to be brutally honest, ramen noodles are terrible for you! Everything in moderation I guess will not harm you but this certainly does not fall in the list of healthy foods. You could remove the noodles, make the vegetables and add an egg! This sounds more like the healthy option!

I still loved everything about this recipe, from the fresh chopped veggies to the marinated pork in soy mixture. Everyone in the family loved it.

Vegetables can be time consuming to prep but well worth it in the end.




2 shallots, sliced diagonally

4 pork chops

1 tablespoon chinese five spice

80ml soy sauce

270g ramen noodles (or 3min noodles)

2 bacon rashes , sliced

2tablespoons sesame oil + 2 extra

1 large carrot, cut into matchsticks

200g snow peas, sliced lengthways

1/2 cup of parsley, chopped

In a bowl, add the soy sauce and chinese five spices, mix well.

Place the pork chops in a deep bowl and add the soy mixture. Turn the pork to coat well and refrigerate for 10mins.

Remove chops and set aside. Keep the rest of the soy mixture for stir-fry.

Boil water and add the noodles, cook as per package and set aside.

Heat sesame oil in wok, fry the onion until soft. Add the bacon and fry until bacon is soft and browned.

Add carrot sticks and fry for a further few minutes. Add the soy mixture and fry for a min. Add snow peas, shallots and parsley. Mix well and turn off heat. Add the noodles and mix well.

Heat extra sesame oil in frying pan, add chops and fry for approx 2mins on each side and remove.

Divide noodle mixture on plates and top with a pork chop. Serve immediately.

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