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COOKBOOK: Mag Recipe

I have cooked fish in batter….but never chips!

WOW delicious!!! Apparently this is now the only way to cook hot chips (so Yvette tells me!)

A must-try!



Serves 4

1kg potatoes

1/3 cup plain flour

1 cup self raising flour

1 1/4 cups of cold beer

1 egg, lightly beaten

oil for deep frying

Peel and cut potatoes into 5mm think slices, then cut into 7mm strips. Dust potato slices with plain flour. Preheat oil to 180C for deep frying.

Combine self raising flour, beer and egg. Whisk until smooth. Dip a batch of chips into batter and deep fry a few at a time, approx 3-4mins.

Drain on paper towel , repeat with remaining chips. Serve with sweet chilli or tomato sauce.

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