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COOKBOOK: Jamie At Home - Cook Your Way To The Good Life

To fry a piece of salmon it should only take 6-8mins. Peel some cucumber, add it into a dip of yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce, fresh herbs and lemon and you have the most delicious and refreshing side dish to accompany your main.

Super easy to make and delicious


RECIPE Serves 4

4 pieces of salmon, skin on

1 lemon

a bunch of parsley, basil and mint

1 large cucumber

Salt & pepper

300ml plain yoghurt

1 tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce

reserve a tablespoon of fresh herbs

Remove the rind from the lemon. It may require to be chopped up finely or you can remove the zest using a grater (as per the video)

Cut the lemon in half and reserve the juice

Peel the cucumber. With a peeler, peel the cucumber evenly on all sizes (almost looking like spaghetti strips). Stop peeling strips when you get to the seeded centre of the cucumber.

Mix the yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce, lemon zest and juice and add the cucumber, fresh herbs mix well.

Heat up a frying pan on the cooktop. Place the salmon skin down, allow it to brown. Turn the salmon and cook on each side for approx 2mins (on each side) The cooking time should be approx 6-8mins depending on the thickness of the salmon portion

On a serving plate, add some of the cucumber and place a piece of salmon over it. Sprinkle some fresh herbs. Ready to be served.

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