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I love a great Chinese soup! This was full of flavour and a great vegetarian option which everyone will enjoy.

Tofu may not be everyone’s favourite food and although it can be eaten raw, it is so much nicer when added to a cooked dish.

Tofu is made of dried soybeans, it’s high in protein and vitamins and minerals. A very healthy option. If you haven’t tried it, you must.

There is a lot of fiddling around preparing the ingredients but it is so worth it in the end! Enjoy

RECIPE Serves 4-6

500g of medley of mushrooms (asian), rinsed

4 eggs

Peanut oil

4 shallots, sliced

1 tablespoon minced ginger

1 tablespoon miso paste

1 litre of chicken stock

Salt and pepper (optional)

300g of ramen noodles

1 cup of corn kernels

2 bunches of baby bok choy

250g tofu, diced (large)

Place mushrooms in a bowl and add boiling water. It should cover all of the mushrooms. Place a plate over the bowl and let them soak for 10mins. If using enoki mushrooms, break them up before placing them in the bowl and give them a further 2 mins in the boiling water before draining. Cut any whole mushrooms in half.

Prepare the bok choy. Cut off the stems into bite size, rinse under cold water. Place them in a microwavable dish, add a tablespoon of water into the dish and cook for 5-6mins.

Cut the leaves in half, rinse and set them aside.

Place eggs in a saucepan, top them with water, bring them to boil and simmer for 5mins. Drain them and place them in a bowl of cold water. Peel each egg under running water. Half each egg and set aside.

Place ramen noodles in a bowl. add boiling water, cover with a plate and leave them for 5mins. Darin and set aside.

Heat oil in a wok, add the shallots, ginger and miso paste. Stir until all combined and begin adding the stock in batches. Add corn kernels. Bring to simmer. Add the bok choy leaves and cooked and drained stalk. Add mushrooms, salt and pepper (optional). Simmer for a further 5mins.

Add the drained ramen noodles. Mix well and allow it to simmer for a further minute. Add tofu, combine , leave on heat for a further min.

Serve in soup bowl and place egg on the top. Ready to serve.

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